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Kathy Pennekamp

I miss her and she was not even my mother! I love the stories that you tell about her! Makes me think about my own mom. She has been gone for 5 years and I think about her daily. It still has not gotten any easier. Keep her memory alive.


I remember this the first time around, it still makes me smile :)


I'm laughing right along with you.... this is one of my DH;s favorite pranks!

Leslie J. Moran

I'm pretty sure this is where all hilarious comedy originates. That, by the way, is a wonderful picture of Angie. How wonderful she would feel being so enjoyed even now.


:)This is the kind of relationship I have with my mom. She's 85.

Linda Watson

I laughed and laughed at this one. I'm going to need to remember to not have a mouthful of tea while reading Angie Re-runs. :)


Kathy said it.."I miss her and she was not even my mother!" Keep telling the stories Carol.I bet Angie is up there shaking her head with all the mothers of the universe, and saying...See!!!I told you she was like this! and they all roar and tell more daughter tales.

Jenny walker

Love this...perfect memories.

Sherry Green Peck

What a fun family!! LOVE THIS!!....so endearing! Stinker!

Amy at love made my home

Too cute!! What a lovely memory to have. xx


The Moss family slapstick! Too funny. There's no better gift than a great sense of humor, at least in my book. So good to have these moments of hilarity to keep Angie alive and fun. The best kind of memories, for sure, ones that will make you laugh for years to come.


So sweet and funny!


And this is why I always come back here. I am always laughing! I look forward to the Angie flashbacks. They always take me back in time remembering similar things with my own parents and grandparents. My grandmother had that same screen door on her house in her garage! This place is better than therapy! lol!


I so remember doing this to her in Arkansas and at her condo...haha:) And I love that pic of her.

The kids and I were looking through a small family album I made them a few years ago and came across Grandma's picture. At first it was typical hum ho explaining who's who. And then I remembered. So strange.

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