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I think I love(d) Angie almost as much as you do! ♥♥♥


i love the angie re-runs


Positively love this. These re-runs are great.


haha....I am loving these Angie re-runs! She was a hoot....I see where you guys get your sense of humor!

Kate Wolski

Thank you so much for sharing Angie with us readers. I enjoy her very much. She had an honest way of looking at things.

Ellen D

I LOVE these Angie re-runs!! Thank you for posting them! : )


I love this. I feel as tho' Angie is a relative who lives in KS and you keep us posted about what happens in her life. So many memories to keep and re-visit. Such a precious Mom. Your dialogue with her shows so much love & humor. What a treasure she was/is to her family.

Leslie J. Moran

Great photo. Another wonderful memory shared.

jacki long

Thanks for sharing your special Mom and your families wonderful relationship. I am so glad you do these re-runs, they are just as good as the first time, maybe even better because we cherish the memories. Thanks to your skillful writing, I remember this conversation and so many more. Thanks Carol! ♥

Michele Taylor

Those of us who were lucky enough to have our parents with us through most of our lives are truly
blessed. I recall many such phone calls with my
parents, I miss them both very much. (Just an FYI,
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taught me a most valuable lesson, our bodies do not
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Amy at love made my home

I've been having similar conversations to this recently - me playing the part of you in this conversation that is! xx

Linda Watson

Such good memories. Made me think of my husband's grandmother, who also had Type 2 Diabetes and was very careful with what she ate. However, when she turned 97(97!), she called the family together and announced she was going to eat whatever she pleased and that she wanted cake and ice cream for her party. In fact, she wanted vanilla AND chocolate ice cream.

Judy H.

Ha! Love it! Enjoying the Angie re-runs a lot. :)

Dottie Moss

And our inimitable Mom enjoyed Diet pop right up until her death!! Good ol' Mom. Love her. Miss her.

Susie LaFond

I adore your Angie stories so much Carol, and they make me smile which is good for the soul and heart.

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