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Debbie J

I remember when you talked about working on this piece. I love how it turned out. Now don't tell, but I think yours is prettier than the Rebecca's. Yep! I do! The framers did a great job with the stretching and smoothing. Now, I want to make one too.


That is super cute.


Very well done. I love the frame and the dark under mat. I've never had a problem with French Knots but found the fewer wraps around the needle, no more than 3, made the neatest stitch. I wasn't aware of the Milliner's needle. I'm storing that away in my bag of tricks. I have one for knitting and one for embroidery.


Such a beautiful piece, Carol; your choices are the perfect fit for this sampler.

Thank you for sharing the needle tip. It sort of makes me want to give French knots another try.


i think i'll wear my hair in a french knot today. let me go get my millinery needle...

Linda Watson

A millinery needle? D'uoh. Of course. Thank you for letting me in on this secret. And, my current embroidery thanks you too. Love your sampler. Perfect choice of frame and backing.

Leslie J. Moran

That is a WONDERFUL work of art! I had no idea about the millinery needle. Makes perfect sense of course. Shall look in my old tin of collected needles to see about this! Very beautiful results on the sampler. Brava!


that last sentence...love is in the details
including the french knots
never heard about a millinery needle, will have to try that. my usual trick is to go right next to the knot threads, not back through, can't wait to try yours.
love your finished piece too!

Peggy Fry

The other secred is what Pam said above, wrap the needle not too tightly, and go back down right next to the original hole, not try to go back through. Life is too short to try to do it that way. Sometimes I also keep a finger on the wrapped thread while the long tail pulls through it. Keeps it tidy. I have made thousands of these this way and it messed up maybe twice. try it!

I was in KS this weekend. Chilly!

jeanette, mistress of longears

Hooray for you! This sampler is just plain gorgeous! And, though I've made many french knot, I did not know about the milliner needle! Its going on my "to do" list. Or should I say my "to buy" list?

Violet Cadburry

Absolutely lovely! I have an old sampler I did when I was 19, and it had lots of French knots. I think the secret is the tension, keep it loose and the needle slides right in...


Love your sampler, really makes me want to do one before my eyes get any older. Great tip about the needle, guess I will go buy one if it makes it easier. I'm all for things being easier to do.

Sherry Green Peck

Soo glad to see this sampler! I am still working on mine...love her samplers!! ALSO LOVE french knots and the needle I finally got last year through a class with Karen Ruane....all these years tugging away!! LOVELY SAMPLER AND FRAME!


I actually got addicted to doing french knots when I was doing a city and guilds in embroidery and textile art... they kind of remind me of treble crochet :)

Your sampler looks wonderful, perfect choice of mounting and framing :)

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