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Those roast veggies look divine!


Life is sweet .

Chris Oliveira

You only say that about the best chicken roast recipe because you haven't had my Portuguese style roast chicken!


Costco roasts my chickens, but I'd be glad to eat Chris's any day.

Susie LaFond

yup, you're living right! We've had a cold, steady rain all week, so that chicken sounds pretty yummy and so does curling up in that shawl :)


I love Ina Garten's cooking show & cookbooks. Her recipes are so practical and easy to follow. I have no doubt that roast chicken is delicious.

We're having big winds, lots of pollen/allergy triggers...Sunday it will be in the huh 90's. UGH...way too early for those high temps.

Can't wait to see the shawl...don't forget to post pics!

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