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Leslie J. Moran

As long as the bride doesn't mind you zeroing in on her bouquet! What the heck, the magic's in the details isn't it??:) Make sure you get all the little details, rings, shoes, tiaras and all. They'll love it!


happy birthday missus tall tales!

Linda Watson

Happy Birthday, Tall Tales! Here's to many, many more. :)

Sharon W.

Three beautiful years! Your faithfulness in posting almost daily is greatly appreciated, and the range of topics for those posts is amazing. Keep em coming!!!


It is not the camera that takes a great photo - it is the photographer wielding it.


Happy Birthday Blog! I joined you shortly after MAM said you were starting your very own blog. I've read it almost daily since making your debut.

You've brought us along your life's path in so many ways...births, death, poetry, family,adventure in food and drink, gardens, cats, painting/drawing, recipes. You've run the gamut and I've loved every moment you share here.

Hope you stick around for many more birthdays. Are you celebrating in a special way?

Chris Oliveira

Happy birthday, Carol! And thanks for sharing your life here. The world through your eyes is very special!

Ruth in Seattle

Happy Birthday! Have fun at the wedding!

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