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where's my easter basket?


I want one, full of candy and goodies.

We always had the big easter baskets with the sugar egg that you could look into and see a sweet little cottage garden, rabbits, etc. It was a big deal to get our matching (sister & me) easter outfits. We dyed dozens of eggs with that old Pache dye that never came out as splendidly as I wanted them to. I can't tell you the number of photos of us taken in our Easter finery. Then we'd a have a huge family picnic at Live Oak Park. Wonderful memories.


Well since Joan apparently wants a basket, I won't ask for one too! I plan to go out tomorrow and hope that a bunch of the Easter goodies are still left and at 50& off. I have patience but not like Chris and Dan.

Nonsense indeed!Perhaps you could do a blood test to be sure he's 'one of us' and not from Area 51. (But since he cooks so well, I wouldn't rush to check.)

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