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Yes! I agree, but we seem to be the minority among many who read this. This book felt so vivid to me, when I think about it, the memory seems more like a movie than a book. One of my favorites this year.


The secret history is probably one of my favorite books ever!


Yep, The Goldfinch ending was perfect.

Janet Ghio

I loved the book. It definitely took you through many nooks and crannies and ups and downs.

Leslie J. Moran

I love the way Donna Tartt turns a phrase. The writing is extraordinary. There were times in the story where I felt decidedly uneasy, but was compelled to keep going no matter what. Other Tartt books seem to be quite dark. Let me know if you find one you like....what could possibly top The Goldfinch?


Having read Tart before, I bought the book when I found it at the used book store but have been hesitant to begin, being unusually busy and knowing that it might be dark. I still need to wait until I have a little less on my plate but I will look forward to reading it.

Jan McCann

I loved it all, it was a wonderful journey of a book. In the hardback copy I have there is a beautiful little print of the painting stuck in.


Just put this on my Kindle. Can't wait!


This book is on my iPod. I'll let you know what I think of the ending.


I adored all the scenes set in New York. I was ready to sell everything and open a used furniture store in Manhattan. The scene in the museum was the most amazing scene I'd ever read.

Then they went to Vegas. And then to ....Amsterdam? I can't even remember.

A good editor is hard to find, apparently.

Terri Murphy

I so enjoyed this book. I think listening enhanced the experience, but I would have liked the hardback with the little print.

I completely agree with your assesment. While I enjoyed the ending, I was sorry the story was over, for me at least.

Kathy Hall

Your comments about the book and listening to CD 26 again really piqued my interest... Thanks for introducing me to another book I'm going to have to read/listen to! :)

jeanette, mistress of longears

Per your earlier recommendation, I am listening to this book on my walks. Just got to the death of the father. Whew! Was I ever ready to get Theo out of THAT situation! Loving it, even though it's often heartbreaking.


Did you see that this won the Pulitzer for Fiction?!

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