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Add polka dot fabric. Lime green. I can see it now.


Play! That's the important thing.


Adding solids means that you have to decide what color solids. You might as well add more prints. Maybe the same colors but narrower strips for a little variety. After all, right now it has so little(snort!). I think this will be great. Good luck with your playing(one of the best parts of quilting) and the decision.

I have one with a jillion prints about half made right now. You will probably finish yours before I finish mine.


Answer: go buy more Print fabric! :)
Can't wait to see your progress.

Amy at love made my home

Your fabrics are beautiful, and no, I don't think that you can have too many!! Hope that you have fun playing with your different combinations! xx


Your own printed designs made by spoonflower fabric company its only 14 pieces.:) blessings

Judy H.

Can't wait to see the finished product! Meanwhile, enjoy the process. :)

Janet Ghio

You can never have too many different pieces of fabric!! It looks like it will be fabulous. Do they still call them story problems?

Leslie J. Moran

Another Amy Butler fan? Can't wait to see this one.

Susie LaFond

Mmmnnnnnnn I'm already loving this, all those amazing colors and prints are simply divine. I also have been bitten by Pam's glorious creation and I know I must have knocked several women over as I flew into my favorite quilt shop, it's all rather a blur as I think back to last week, but I came home armed with 6 different prints and a rather rampant bunch of wild ideas for what I wanted to do. I really kind of like how Pam did hers but I am torn about exactly how I want to do mine, too many ideas but I know I have enough fabric to do at least a bakers dozen or so, time on the other hand could become a challenge, either way, I've got fabric splayed out all over the house and am getting rather fond of the look. Can I just say I am excited to see what you come up with in the coming days and weeks. I've seen some of those fabrics up close and they are AWESOME!!!!!


Head spinning... to much math! Short answer: there is no such thing as too many fabric prints in a quilt. Just not so and anyone who says otherwise is a prissy quilter bee.


Gorgeous... I haven't seen Pams, must go look. Keep us updated with your progress, exciting!

I agree about not adding plain fabrics... keep then patterns coming :)

meanwhile...autumn is in the air down here !!


You know how they give those courtesy spoiler alerts, I think maybe you might consider giving a little math story problem alert so some of us can quickly avert our gaze before we see something disturbing....


yay!!! and hahaha- love that "at you house you don't have to show your work"! at my house you don't even have to DO the work...no measuring...although, as i was recently lamenting to you, sometimes that does come back to bite me you know where! xo


LOVE these fabrics...and I agree that there can NEVER be too many prints in a quilt. I do love Pam's quilt with the white between all the colored strips...so that's always an option. But this is YOUR quilt...so whatever makes you happy is what you should do!

I'm currently hand piecing a Grandmother's Flower Garden with mainly 1930s reproduction prints...LOTS of prints...and it makes me HAPPY!

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