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Safe travels

You will be supported by many who love you and loved Angie. You will be with good people.


You're well provisioned, especially the last two items.... Sending hugs for her homecoming....xoxo

Carol Gossett


Amy at love made my home

Thinking of you with lots of love, I'm sure that you will be just as you should be whatever that turns out to be. xx


Traveling mercies, Carol.
May you feel the love that knows no boundaries as you gather together for this very special time.


Wishing you safe travels. Love to Angie and all of you.

Judy H.

Safe travels and blessing to you all.


Peace and safe travels to you all.

Barbara Tarbox

No better way to celebrate your dear Mom's life than to be together as a family. Sharing
Stories of joy and pain, lifting glasses, lots of laughter and a cozy fire to keep you warm.
Your time together will be precious and memorable. Angie will delight at your inclusion
Of the "thimble" perhaps a twisty tie or two. Will be thinking about you and your family
And be thankful for my family and out treasured times together, much love, b.

Leslie J. Moran

Going home. Safe journey and like the old song says..."happy trails to you, until we meet again".


Safe travels and many happy memories to accompany your weekend.

Amy in Texas

Safe travels. Celebrating Angie and her life with all your sibillings sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend.


Safe journey to you and your family Carol. ♥️


My heart will be there with you, Carol.




A sad/happy time. You'll revel in stories of Angie that send you into side splitting laughter, followed by memories that make you cry...it's all part of the journey. However you do it is right. Your family will be there to help you through it all. Handwork is such a solace when needed.

Wishing you a safe journey...the thimble from Monopoly is perfect!

Chris Oliveira

Sending love and hugs to you, Angie and the whole family. She was/is/ever shall be so special.

Michele R. Unger


Linda Watson

Yup. Ready as you can be. Love the thimble, and the photo of Angie. Hugs and love to your family.

Vicki in Michigan

Sending good thoughts with you.


Lots of love.


Sending love to your gathered tribe as you tuck Angie in, kiss her good night, and walk away----just as she did for her children so many times in her lifetime. Be comforted. Heal slowly. Treasure each other.

Susie LaFond

sending you many warm hugs, love and thoughts about what it means to say good bye, what it means to fully love someone and knowing that no matter where you are, you will always carry your sweet Mom in your heart; a bond that no amount of time will ever break. Thinking of you all.


My heart is with you & your family...and Mama Angie on this leg of your journey.


Awww... gorgeous shot, I hope the spring in the air helps you to celebrate your darling Angie xxx

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