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We'll that was perfect timing, I had just left you a message asking about your projects. Looking good!


Are you using all six strands for your knots? I'm working on a sampler and used the milliner's needles like you suggested-worked great.


OOOO LA LA! What a lovely bunch of goodies today! Making things with friends is the best, isn't it? Her multigenerational quilt is adorable! The fabrics used were from feed sacks, probably made during the 20's/30's when patterns were published in the KC Star newspaper and were hugely popular along with Red Work embroidery....also called Penny Squares. This form of embroidery had a resurgence in the 90's.

I think both your knot projects are coming along nicely. Love the very colorful fabric choice your friend is using and the very neutral background of yours. I'm very anxious to see how both turn out. Please keep us posted.

Tina Abbott

Beautiful! What a great idea.


You are tempting me to try knots. But on what and for where... More thought must go into this temptation.

Sherry Green Peck

Hmmmm....I started a knot thing spontaneously a few years ago, laid it aside and now really want to find it and continue as you two are!! Maybe invite my new friend neighbor over for the same....and I'll send a picture of it or put it on my facebook....what a relaxing thing to do and with a few health issues at the moment, it is just what I need!!! I look forward to the project and love the butterfly quilt top...what a treasure!! I bought a 10.00 (ten!) dollar quilt today at a shop....thinking!!!

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