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Janet Ghio

I hope they are poppies. Such a beautiful flower. when we lived in a house I had wonderful flower gardens and I grew poppies. Hope you will share photos when they are all bloomed out.


I like your philosophy.

Leslie J. Moran

We are FINALLY seeing a few tips of tulips poking through. I had to get something to discourage squirrels and other beasties from feasting on the tender shoots. I notice that there are sprouts in places I had no intention of decorating....the squirrels thought otherwise! I have a plethora of decorator rodents here! Hoping for poppies.

jacki long

Great truths in few words! Perfect!


A metaphor for life. Well said.

Ruth in Seattle

I tried to paint plum blossoms in watercolor this month. Did you know they have the most delicate scent? They don't last a day when cut though. I had blossoms opening while I was trying to sketch them. Enjoy the spring days - you midwesterners have earned them this year.

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