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Ruth in Seattle

Mary Ann chose well!

In the Skagit valley, an hour north of Seattle, they grow tulip bulbs. All of April is a tulip festival there, and there are several miles of blooming tulips.


There is nothing like a bunch of lilacs to send me over the moon. The scent takes me back to childhood in a flash...that sweet smell on a spring breeze. AHHHHHH!
Nothing like it.


I consider tulips to be a happy flower, no such thing as a sad tulip. Love 'em!

Amy at love made my home

I love tulips too! They are so very pretty and cheery and friendly aren't they! Glad that you are enjoying your garden so much. xx

Janet Ghio

I love lilacs. My MIL used to have a giant lilac bush and I could go and pick as many lilacs as i wanted. they smell so good. Living in a condo I miss having a yard and garden--difficult for a double Taurus--earth sign. Ieven miss the smell of wet dirt

Leslie J. Moran

My tulip leaves are just breaking ground at the moment. If the local squirrel brigade has approved of my artistic placement we shall have several new clumps. If not, then quite the scatter, as is the norm. Weird ideas these rodents have! We are preparing for an entire week of April showers to see the month out and hopeful for May flowers. Loving yours.


Hope the thunderstorms don't molest your tulips!


Carol what's the updatevon your quilt project and embroidery projevt? I love to see what your working on.

Tina Abbott

Do you know the names of those tulips???? They are amazing.

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