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jacki long

So cool, timing perfect!

Leslie J. Moran

Oh my but this takes me away! Our granddaughter was born in Belgium. The beer is never ending! Funnily enough, my son-in-law taped 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' (Wes Anderson) for me, and I watched it on my computer in the loft of an old converted monastery in Leuven where I was staying. The cherry blossoms are magnificent and just like a new born babe, made even more magnificent with Belgian Ale :)


So, Carol....you are a beer gal......ME TOO!
Enjoy your week full of cherry blossoms....and beer!
Linda :o)

Susie LaFond

Enjoy the view, the beer and everything in-between...simple pleasures are the best kind of indulgence, they are so readily available, don't bother seeking 'help'for there is no cure, just 'repeat' as needed. ;)


I think that the Belgian Blond (with bicycles) is exactly the right help. At a former house we had a weeping cherry. The ethereal loveliness of it was stunning. It trailed to the ground and swayed in the breeze, the softest pink you can dream. Keep looking and have a look for me.


I hope you have enough beer to take us thru all stages of cherry blossom development. I'd give anything to be able to have one of these trees here, but I don't believe it would do well in the intense heat of summer and horrible alkaline soil. I'll get my fix from watching your tree in bloom.

So was the beer delicious????

Amy at love made my home

Cherry blossoms = another equally acceptable obsession if you ask me! Hope that the beer is lovely!! xx

nancy (covey member)

I bought this beer BECAUSE of the bicycles. The label and the name of the beer cannot be resisted,.... and sure , I'll toast f the cherry blossoms!!!... you know me!:)

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