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Janet Ghio

Still waiting on the forsythia and tulip trees in MO. Big fat buds on the tulip trees and I did see one tree from a distance with white blooms-thought maybe it was a dogwood-but maybe too soon for that-maybe a flowering cherry?? Lovely sights!!


My dogwood is starting to bloom and the Forsythia all around here is in full flower. The redbuds on the hills along the interstate are so beautiful that I can barely breathe.

Leslie J. Moran

Greetings from up NORTH! It's raining today which makes us hope for a nice wash up of lingering dirty snowbanks. With our luck this winter, it could also spell more freezing rain later in the day! I am shoveling snow daily in my front courtyard to disperse it to the sunnier portions for a faster melt. Still cold temps and seeing buds, only in the warmest micro climate areas. Refreshing to see Kansas so far ahead.

Susie LaFond

Lucky girl that you are, we got snow last night...woke up to a whopping 10" or so but me being me, yesterday evening as it was snowing buckets, I decided 'who cares' and fired up the grill, yup, steaks all around, yummyness, mind you, said 'grill' is now buried under a drift and our Christmas tree lights and all was placed near the grill when it left our living room in December still looks pretty all lit up...not worried, it will all melt by this afternoon...


Our spring has sprung already. The early bloomers, like fruit trees, lady banks rose, have all passed the showy stage. Trees are all leafed out which tells me that the blast furnace of summer is on it's way. This is when I go into hibernation.

Your photos are so pretty. I love those first blooms of spring.


Lovely blossoms!
I do believe we call the last one a Magnolia tree...correct me if I am wrong...
Enjoy your weekend!
Linda :o)

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