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Chris Oliveira

Will think of her next time I enjoy one.


This just warms my heart!! You have a great depository of sweet things from your mom... what a great way to preserve wonderful memories! It's always the little things we miss.....


I do remember this posting. I laughed when I read it. Angie is a source of many good memories. I guess she had to remind that she is your mother in case you didn't recognize her voice? Too funny. These are priceless.

My son (I only have one) has called in the past:

Son: "Mom, this is your son, Erik."
Me: " You mean my only son, the one who calls me Mom?" LOL


Love seeing these Angie reruns! Makes me think I might need to whip up a batch of peanut butter cookies though, now that you've got me thinking of it and her! Might need to throw in some chocolate chips too.

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