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Dazzling, and the little pseudo ranunculus is quite adorable.

jacki long

My compliments to the photographer!

Janet Ghio

Beautiful photos! The one with the pink tulips and the red and white striped where they are leaning to the left is just so wonderful!


I thought there would be bunnies. :(


Are you considering another garden patrol kitty? I hope so. Life without a cat in it is missing something wonderful.

The tulips are glorious!!!! Why aren't you painting them? Mary Ann is really moving forward with the flower painting in her journals...what happened to your painting wars? Time to resume, I think.

Jan McCann

Well I can't wait for the new garden supervisor to appear! Or maybe two?

Rhonda H.

Gorgeous tulips!! And such variety!! We only had a few yellow and mostly red ones this year... love to see your garden evolving through the year!

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