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Judy H.

I love your new background fabric! Looking forward to seeing the French knotting begin!


I am so excited to see this project, I loved your inspiration piece. Have fun with all those french knots.


Hi Carol! I cannot wait to see your project - it's going to be gorgeous!!!


As I always found french knots (and most embroidery) beyond my patience level, I looked for a tutorial. I like the way this one looks http://sublimestitching.com/pages/how-to-french-knot.

It may help some of the afflicted like me try this idea out. I'll stick to cheering you on probably!


I'll be watching to see your progress with this piece. I would approach this piece differently than you, but will eagerly wait for pix of progress. I have 5 boxes of threads like the one in your photo...I tend to binge on supplies, tools for whatever project I'm involved in at the moment. My sewing/craft room is overflowing with stuff, closets packed to the ceiling. UGH. I'll never live long enough to use all this stuff. Time to purge.


I think I'll join you on this project (like I need another one!) if I can find a suitable piece of fabric in our bleak shopping scene here. Will you give me the dimensions of the fabric you're using? Will it be a pillow cover or framed? Either would be lovely.


Joan, I hope you will share your approach as I am sure others will want to know!
I am starting with a piece of fabric that is 18 x 22 but I may end up cutting it down.
Dont know if it will become a pillow or be framed. I will have to let it tell me what it wants to be.

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Leslie J. Moran

What a brilliant choice of fabric for your background! I hadn't even thought about the colour in the original until someone else pointed it out. That was a very clever solution! Can't wait to see your progress, which as always will be stellar, and I'm sure involve a few "french" cocktails :)

Amy at love made my home

I was going to ask just how big you are planning to go, but I see that you have answered that! I look forward to seeing it as it progresses as I think that it will be lovely!! xx


i love the fabric you chose!!! can't wait to see progress reports!


Nice choice of fabric. Can't wait to see how it progresses. I'm going to dig through my fabric stash and see if I can find something to get started on.


Absolutely add blues, turquoise or aqua blues are opposite to orange on the colour wheel, so that will give you some real ZING!! french knots need zing...trust me on this ;)

Michelle Little Smith

You reminded me that I must go on a recon mission and find me some fabric to do this with! This weekend, I believe. I am a tax accountant and the end of Tax Season is in sight...Glory Hallelujah!

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