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Too bad you couldn't meet up with those young whipper snappers to toast Florene so many years later.

Rum & Coca Cola...love the song, can't stand the drink (got sick on it. Blech)


A good mentor is a gift from God. You have probably been a good mentor yourself.

jacki long

Love this Carol!
You are my hero, you can do so much with a couple of well chosen paragraphs! My hero! ♥


When I read this--my eyes first go to rum and coke and Salina.

Which makes me think that each city should be matched with its signature drink.

Sort of like how you would expect a city like to Gary, Indiana to be matched with a boilermaker.

I somehow don't match Salina, Kansas being matched with a rum and coke--but I am proud to know that a Mulvenon was pushing rum and coke's back in the day!

drink up!

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