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Dottie Moss

Laughing my hair off in New Mexico!


You are so funny. Runs in the family. I think you tell a tale here but nevertheless I'm looking for a turtle I can use.

Janet Ghio

So funny--I'm all for trying the frosting part while talking to a female cardinal

Vicki in Michigan



You all are so funny! Dottie has beautiful hair. I'll go for the frosting, the towel and the nap!

Pat P

I think I well into my early teens before I figured out that most of what my older sister told me was a tall tale, just to see how gullible I was!

jeanette, mistress of longears

What does she recommend for the sore abdominals from all that laughing?


all i could think while i was reading this was
OH NO that turtle is going to fall to his death.
that made me v.v.v. sad
and upset.
and i wondered how i could save him.
and i also wondered which mountaintop at BIG CEDAR you found him on.
cause i don't remember any mountains like that.
and then i looked closer.
and saw that it was the pond!
not a mountain!
the turtle is safe!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
my hair is too thick now!


I do believe this is one of those Tall Tales From Kansas!

I do have 2 desert tortoise but not flowering quince nor cardinals of any color!

I'll just have to be content to eat the cinnamon rolls AND the frosting...there's no way I could waste that by rubbing in my hair!

Leslie j. Moran

Carol, Carol, Carol. Only you :)

Susie LaFond

and I could sit here and listen to your tall tales all day and all night long, the time would fly by and I bet my hair would grow too and devouring all your gorgeous photographs... lets just say I won't be going anywhere anytime soon btw, what is it with you and your sisters, I swear you all must have been born with uncanny photography skills, so whats in your secret potion for that may I ask?

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