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Carol Gossett

Those. Look. Amazing!


My mouth is watering.

Here's a funny story. My grandmother used to make the BEST lemon meringue pie. When my father was dating my mother, my grandfather told him: "I'll give you my car; I'll give you my daughter; but I'll be d- - -ned, if I'll give you my lemon pie!

I enjoy your blog!


Oh, I might be able to get some fresh ages from my chicken man. Sadly foxes have had their fill of chooks.

I'm with you though...intense fresh lemon is a very strong contender to chocolate in my mouth.

Rhonda H.

Ohhh I may just have to try those what with all the new lemons my suddenly prolific lemon tree is giving me! I am discovering I too like lemony flavor in things cakey so I am sure I would love the brownies!

marta traughber

These would be perfect for the Meyer lemons from my tree!


Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah... WANT!

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