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Leslie J. Moran

Just wait until you sew your pants to your work!:)

I'm now investigating more stitches but still using the no rules theory....let's hope we don't have to count how many per project!

Janet Ghio

The pomegranate is gorgeous! I love french notes.


WOW! looking good, can't wait to see it finished, whenever that may happen, lol. I would have given up after the first couple of hours or so.


Well, french knots may not be an exact science, but that piece is looking exactly perfect! I love the pomegranate! Will it be a pillow or are you framing it? Will you show pics of yours and your friends when finished. You know we don't want to miss a thing!

Off to make me a culpa Canadian tea, sent by my dear friend in Canada where the tea is SO good, not wimpy like our American teas.

103F here today and yesterday. Yikes, way too early, summer doesn't officially arrive until June 21st!


LOVE watching as you progress on this piece. Thank you for sharing in-process photos :) and for the link to Leslie's beautiful work as well.

Rhonda Halushka

Any excuse to enjoy peonies is good enough for me!

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