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Carol Gossett

The desserts look amazing, but I'm in love with those umbrellies!!

jacki long

Aww, you're a shoe-in!


Absolutely okay to taste test (for their own good of course!)

Leslie J. Moran

That's exactly what I would have done!


I believe reaching across and tasting should be a 'club requirement'. All the best people do it. imho


i'll take the choclate covered banana and the lemon tart. together. on a plate. no whipped cream. thanks!


let's take the huff in the middle with the sharktooth necklace with us to summerland!

marti huff`

Am calling my lawyer in the morning with instructions to draw up the adoption papers immediately!!!!!!----Mama Huff

Chris Oliveira

Omg the desserts! The umbrellas! (You did the right thing).

Judy H.

Ha! I just ate at Andrés on Saturday in between stops on the Master Gardeners tour. I also took pix of those delightful parasols. :)

Beth Leintz

Well what a surprise to see "Mama Huff" on your blog. (although I call her Marti). Marti and I have been neighbors at the antique mall for years.

I think it would be hard to make a wrong dessert choice, but if being an honorary Huff girl hinged on it, I'd want to make the right choice, too.


Love those parasols hanging from the ceiling!!! I won't even mention the desserts.


I am crazy about those parasols on the ceiling too. Oh the desserts look and sound divine as well.

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