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Wise women, your group.

Jan McCann

Love this last photo!

Amy at love made my home

Well I am in full agreement about the lips!! xx

Janet Ghio



I guess none of the quails wants to look like Joan Rivers? HA

I haven't a clue how to keep the panko crisp. I did just read a recipe for panko topped mac & cheese: 2 TBL butter melted, pour over panko, sprinkle on top of whatever you're making, bake at 350F for 30 mins. That's for a 13X9 casserole. Maybe the panko was crisped up using one of those little torch things like they use for caramelizing sugar on creme brûlée ? i think that would work if the panko was buttered first.


Well... whyever not?!

Perhaps you too struggled to watch Julia Roberts plus pet slug on upper lip, in Eat, Pray Love...


Glad to see the "Castle" is still being used. I went to several wedding receptions and a mystery murder dinner there in the 80's. Always loved that place!


The final photo just did me in! Wait till you come to California and see how many other-wise-beautiful young women sport those over-sized lips! A trend gone viral.

Leslie J. Moran

All I can say is, thank GOODNESS you tried it out before committing!:) I have to wonder how the person taking the photograph could hold the camera still with that vision before them. Hilarious as ever, and great fun.


Love this! Looks like a fun day. Miss you all :)

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