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Dottie Moss

Wow!! Lovely! Cheers!
And I'm sure you can write a mathematical story problem to go with this.

jacki long

Beautiful and amazing!
Thanks for sharing! ;o)


Oh wow! Love the colours. You must have had a great time picking them out. As for backing—you need 2.5 yards for the length. If using 36" material you need 4 lengths so 10 yards. For 45" material you need 3 lengths so 7.5 yards. But confirm all that!

Leslie J. Moran

Oh my goodness. Having recently completed a jelly roll quilt of the same nature, I can totally empathize with your project!! How amazing. Yours of course, is much larger, but I shall look forward to seeing the following lalyering process which has me a bit frightened. I want to had quilt....I think.


The quilt is looking good. I am going to ("going to") make one about that size but I am considering making it in sections and putting them together. I guess I had better get the pieces cut before I decide that!

jeanette, mistress of longears

Simply gorgeous!!!


Just beautiful fabrics -color and designs are perfect for summer dreams.


Ah, I was always good with math but ignored those pesky word problems, expecting that there would always be someone who enjoyed figuring them out for me. I believe your fabric store clerk is one of 'those people'.


looks great!!!!!! and happy happy birthday!!!! xoxo


I love the colors, you make me want to start sewing again.


Amazingly beautiful. My gosh, I am in complete love with this. The color and patterns are so pretty!


Thanks Debbie! You must be a quilter - I bought 8 yards to be on the safe side. I would also like to thank my brother the math wizard who told me that 90x116=10,440 square inches divided by 1,296 square inches (the number of sq inches in a sq yard)= 8 yards. Who knew he knew this kind of stuff? He is now on call 24/7 for all my math problems.


Wow! I just love it!


Those colors take my breath away!


Yay! I've been waiting to see it. Beautiful!

Jane Bumar

So this just looks amazing to me - so bright and bold - I have quilt envy. And a desire to actually try to make one - i don't have the slightest clue how - so when you do attach the backing and all, can you show us?

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