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Amy at love made my home

Your garden is so full of flowers Carol! Chairs for birds and butterflies and bees I expect! xx

jacki long

Glorious! a beautiful series! Perfect!


I have them in my front yard garden and an Orange one in the back (it is amazing!!) one of my favorite summer flowers for all of the reasons you stated as well as I like the color purple. I think I need white cone flowers now!!

Judy H.

Sigh. I covet your coneflowers. I have a green thumb, but it turns brown for this native, low maintenance plant. I have killed off several varieties, and the one I've got now is being eaten by rabbits even though it's fenced with chicken wire. :(
On the upside, my Victoria Blue salvia attracts a tiny hot pink butterfly. :)

Vicki in Michigan

When people refrain from deadheading, goldfinches like coneflower seeds.

And coneflowers are extremely photogenic at all stages, from early bud to "in the dead of winter, with all seeds removed"........



Coneflowers. On the shopping list. TY!


Love all the flowers! Chairs for birds and butterflies, Nice! Do you have hummer feeders in the garden? Mine are going full time...have to keep replenishing the sugar water now that many of the nestlings have fledged.


Here in lower New York, they'v barely budded. Can't wait!


Chairs for birds, what a creative way of looking at our sturdy garden flowers. Love it!

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