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Good thing you didn't bring a gull home...it's illegal to own one, Federal offense, Yikes. San Francisco considers them a public health hazard as the population at their public dump has gone off the charts. Being scavengers, they eat anything.
Glad Chris drew the line, he might have been visiting you in Leavenworth. Holy Moly.

The succulents are gorgeous. I tried to grow them here...they bake in the summer and freeze in the winter...CA if where they thrive...

Amy at love made my home

The succulents that you visited and yours are all lovely. I like the mosaic pot that you used, it goes really well with the plants doesn't it. Very glad that you didn't get yourself a gull though, it would make an awful lot of mess you know!! Stick to photos! xx

Janet Ghio

Oh I have succulent envy also. I love them! this spring I wanted to buy a succulent garden (one already put together) and i couldn't find one or any business that would put one together for me. I live in a condo with no place to plant one myself. So I am stuck with just drooling over photos.

Vicki in Michigan

Given that you are infecting us with your succulent envy (wow, this is starting to sound like p*rn...), I'm glad that you also gave us the cure.

There aren't too many succulents that can manage a Michigan winter, but there are a few........


My Grandmother always had hens and chicks in a barrel on her patio in Eureka, KS and they were great. Every time I see them I think about her.


I am rather like that with goats :)

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