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Leslie J. Moran

Just off to bed and I inhaled those 8 cookies before going off to sleep. Yum. Sorry folks they are all gone. Crisp, chewy, plain, simple....oh yes they were!

Carol Gossett

Oh my gosh, those look absolutely divine!


I will definitely have to give these a try...but I KNOW they are going to pale to those Lemony Lemonies! Those were absolutely amazing!


A pile of sugar cookies on a desert rose plate, lots of levels of good stuff here.... XO


Angie had your number.


Sounds good. I'll try these and then see if I can make smaller ones later. We have 1 cookie each with our afternoon espresso. But a big cookie with tea sounds like a great dessert.


You are an excellent source for good recipes. My daughter made the lemony lemonies yesterday - delicious!!! And I also thoroughly enjoy your Saturday morning trips to the farmer's market. Your photos and stories make this east coast city/suburban girl almost want to live in a small town. Almost...

I hope you are well.


Yummy! I have a fabulous cookie recipe I will share if you message me your snail mail address -- I have to mail it being a mail artist!

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