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Janet Ghio



My kids used to talk on their banana phone on the way to school. High school. One day a guy with a real phone gave them a horrible look and almost got out of his car! They hung up.


I bet the combo of you two is something to be reckoned with! I'd like to see this act in person. :)


My sister and I could crack one another up with just a look! Peals of laughter when we got together. My husband thought we were nuts...just didn't get our humor at all, which made us laugh even more.

Leslie J. Moran

What a gift - the kindred spirit.


That mutt is one of the strangest looking dogs, he's such a hodge podge! Looks like he's loving the beach life though.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Regarding the rock phone: Please make me an honorary member of your family. I really belong.


No apology necessary, but the reception was a bit iffy....xoxo

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