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Violet Cadburry

Oh, he is gorgeous! And what a colorful breast he has:)


I love him!!! You have to check out the New Zealand Pukeko...


They are so comical and the babies are like little black fuzzy tennis balls with huge feet... these hooked birds remins me so much of them!!


Carol, I love this little guy! What a beautiful piece! Can't wait to see more hooking projects.

Amy at love made my home

He's beautiful!!!! xx

Sharon W.

The label is a lovely part of the bird's history. On a personal note: for years, I possessed a framed embroidery piece done by my mother. The frame broke, and when I took it apart I discovered behind the piece a little handwritten history of the piece and the time in her life. I think this is a special tradition, and now try to "hide" such a note in handmade gifts. Perhaps your next creation could contain such a "letter" for future discovery???

Barbara Tarbox

Carol, please make certain that "Bigee" (nickname) has a mate he looks so wonderful
But perhaps a little lonely. Then of course some little "ees". I think you may have
Started something grand.


I LOVE HIM!!!! Good job.....I agree with Barbara, he needs friends!


Big eye bird is wonderful. Love the story on the back. How many strands did you use for the story? I have a hard time doing words, but like to include it somehow.

Vicki in Michigan

Love your bird, love your label, and love that sneaky loop of wire that lets him stand up!

jeanette, mistress of longears

Bravo! You wouldn't want any beady-eyed bird sitting around.


Big Eye Bird is a new species. His official name is Opto Gigantis Stufficus who looks like he's thinking: I started out in beautiful California in the mountains, how the heck did I end up on a porch in Kansas??? I have this big eye so I can find Toto, that pesky mutt.

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