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Your tomato page and the lettering are charming and inspiring. I'm taking the class, too, but I just got my book made.

Carol Gossett

I think I'll ask for the class for Christmas; I really, REALLY wanted to take it!


Before I read the words, I looked at the pictures. I thought to myself, "Jiminy, she's really getting better." Then I read the words. It all makes sense. You are getting better and feeling the freedom to create art. Nice.

Amy at love made my home

I am glad that you are enjoying it, you are getting great results from all of your work! xx


I LOVE seeing your journal pages... and especially the sketchy ones!!! What a fantastic feeling to have.... I'm in sisters class too and I'm loving every minute of it!

Chris Oliveira

I will be there in December. So bummed I am not there right now!! And by the way, I could just see a little text saying Chris added something to the blossoms. Was it something you would like to share with other art loving gardening friends?


WOW! the leaves are extraordinary!


That tomato looks fab! Don't you love it when you have those "AHA" moments no matter what you're doing, but especially in painting/drawing. The leaves are even more wonderful than the tomato. Well done!


I am right there with you! I am primarily a rug maker, and just hated my sketchbook, was absolutely positive I would fail miserably with watercolors, sure I could never make a mark that was recognizable as thing I was trying to draw...but guess what? I signed up for Sketchbookery, have been working everyday in my sketchbook and I loveloveLOVE it! So wonderfully surprised! And your tomato is Bee-U-ti-Full! The lettering is awesome! Yay for Sister!


Love that tomato page! I can smell that leaf... I just know Sister's going to give you a gold star AND a smiley face on this page. The class is so fun, a little virtual retreat, and really, how many other classes have you taken that featured two custom drinks as well as unbridled enthusiasm? xoxoxo


Chris: Chris sprays the blossoms on the tomato plant with "blossom set" because that is what his dad used on his tomatoes. I don't know anything about it or what it does or why you use it. I just know "Chas did it that way" so we do it that way and it's hard to argue with excellence :-)


I agree, you can draw! Lovely pages, and I'm thinking sketchbookery will be a wonderful Christmas gift for myself :)

Judy H.

I have an art degree, but I rarely sketch. Your endeavors, added to Mary Ann's, have inspired me to get back into sketching. Thanks for sharing. :)

Linda Watson

Isn't it fun? I'm going to sketch your hamburger. Nothing is safe now that I'm doing Sketchbookery. :)

Joyce Resnik

I love the "feeling in my brain" also! Who knew we could tackle the blank page with gusto, pull out all the stops, and just DO IT? Sister makes it FUN! Your botanicals are gorgeous. And your tomato---splendid. Keep the momentum going. You are on a roll.
Today we are going to Montecito back roads to do some from-the-car sketching of a specific bungalow we discovered on our drive yesterday, some trees, and Mt. Carmel church. Sister said that is what we are going to do. Top it off with a stop at La Super Rica. I say we should sketch there too!!

Wish you and Sharron were here...


LOVE your tomato page so much! Everything- the tomatoes & leaves, the colors, the line quality, the letters, the shadows, the outlines, every single bit!!! That feeling in your brain shows on the paper and I can't wait to see more! Xo


My jaw simply dropped when I saw your tomato page - so wonderful!! From growing it, to sketching it, to eating it and then sharing your gorgeous sketch with all of us, who could have guessed that one little tomato could bring so much happiness to so many? In fact, I am smiling as I type this!

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