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OH! Can't wait to see the finished birds (you're right, no bird should be without a mate! And a pumpkin or two or three...one of my very favorite things on earth...they just make me smile. Maybe a rug will be next?

This is one type of needle art that I've never pursued, sure looks like fun.


"A seriously talented hooker"??? Kind of a funny phrase and description...

I look forward to seeing the final product when you are done.
Enjoy yet another great artistic endeavor.

Amy at love made my home

Your bird is looking beautiful Carol!! xx

Leslie J. Moran

It's always a dubious thing when one adds "hooker" to their list of achievements! There is another great source for supplies near us. "http://letshookrugs.com/"
I got "hooked" when my aunt lived in PEI, but have since given up my supplies. I will enjoy seeing your continued efforts! My goodness you are one busy woman.


Never underestimate the pumpkin passion!! I tried this once, it was fun... but all I made was a square...! It was mean;t to be a dolls house carpet for my little people, but it was so thick and bouncy they couldn't stand on it :)

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