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This sounds like table talk at my Grands house, but it was black-eyed peas and cornbread that my gran made in a cast skillet with a bit of bacon grease in the bottom. The crust was crisp top & bottom and wasn't cakey, it was dense and wonderful. I make it just like she did and have a glass of buttermilk with it. My husb. refuses to drink it, can't look at the empty glass with the streaks, says it looks like it would taste like sour milk...I'm glad he doesn't like it, more for me.

jeanette, mistress of longears

When I was a child and visited relatives in Kentucky we "snapped" beans on the front porch swing. We were only breaking the beans into 1 to 2 inch long segments for cooking in a pot - not taking the beans out of the pods. Bacon grease was always added to the pot. Back in those days, all bacon grease was saved in a can and spread generously into many other dishes, a habit I gave up only after reaching my 30's. That was before we knew about saturated fat and cholesterol and I was a lot skinnier then, despite my ignorance. It really IS bliss. Sigh.

Amy in Texas

Oh yum! And I would agree with passing the cornbread.


It is amazing how many things can support an egg! Those peas looked good.

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