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Oh yes, we're on the same page here with the melon...I cut mine up into cubes, get the salt & cayenne pepper, I like a little zip on the tongue...the next way I love it it half a melon seeded, fill the hole with orange sherbet...OMG! It'll send you over the moon!


Are you heading for the paint out in Palm Springs with sister & Pam?

Sharon W.

Cottage cheese/schmottage cheese! That melon is begging for a scoop of pure unadorned high quality vanilla ice cream. enough said.

Judy H.

Yum. We use salt (and occasionally that scoop of ice cream). :)


Hmm..I do the pepper only on cantaloupe and the salt on watermelon. But the cottage cheese in the center, and sometimes I mix chopped green onion into the cheese. The sweet and the savory!


ahhh, glad to know that i'm not the only one. I've had people look at me like I was crazy when in put salt and pepper on cantaloupe. I have one in the fridge, think I will go get it now.

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