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Debbie J

I love, love, love seeing the sketch/paintings in your journal!


Love seeing your sketches.... I'm meeting tomorrow with 2 fellow class member's from Sketchbookery for a sketch date... I can't wait!!!


You are correct. I had much rather see your sketch! A very good one, too. I haven't been lettering with watercolor but I think I will begin, after reading that description!


I love to see both photos and sketches. I'm loving the aloe sketch, I have a love of succulents that go way back to childhood and my gran who could grow anything!
Succulents have a very hard time here in the high desert...I've managed to kill several, well, I didn't kill them, the desert extreme heat and very cold freezes in winter don't make them happy. I ended their torture and stick to cacti.

Leslie J. Moran

All similes regarding food make sense to me. I just came across my liquid watercolours again today and will give them a go soon.

Linda Watson

Actually, yes, it does. And I think your drawings are doing just as well as your aloe. Great job on both.

jeanette, mistress of longears

The best description ever! And thanks to your heads up, I actually made it to the quilt exhibition at the Spencer before it closed....totally enthralled with the minimalist quilts and impressed by the maximalist. I would never forgive myself for missing that exhibition. Of course I would not know I should not forgive myself. Hmmm. Well, I loved it!


love your sketches, love your writing in water colors!

Amy at love made my home

Beautiful! I understand and love the description too! xx

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