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Janet Ghio

I always love your farmers market visits. Yours doesn't look too crowded. Ours is jammed with people. It would be hard to take any photos there and we always try to go early to avoid the crowds!


black-eyed peas, oh man what I would give for some of those. you don't find them in the wilds of northern NY. I also love your farmer's market visit. look forward to it every sunday.

Amy at love made my home

Great report!! I wonder if you will see lots of jars of corn relish soon! xx


Here we are eating peach pie. I like it for breakfast. Those plums looked good, too. Love visiting your farmer's market.


I love the photos of all the veggies and fruit. I'm craving peaches but we don't have decent Farmer's Mkts. here, anyway, all the goods are imported from Mexico or CA or AZ...that's not local in my book.

I'm a professional Evesdropper too...some of the overheard conversations I've heard are not repeatable! Amazing what people talk about within earshot of others, eh?


pickled beets..yum,! indeed a great advice giver u are. tried your recommendation on the carrot ginger soup (with cumin and curry) Wow! fabulous! Do keep the reports and advice coming. thanks!


Nom nom to those peas, and all the other delish veggies...! 50 cents... unbelievable! I am very impressed that the man talking to the lady with the standard poodle had a matching hair do :) I shall share a market trip with you one day, although we don't have a local one, so it won;t be quite so cosy :)

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