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So you're going to Augusta? Wow. Lucky you. I'd love to go just to see the bounds/azaleas. So beautiful. Which one of those guys is your brother?

It was me asking about the iced coffee, thanks for telling me how to do it.


do you want me to send joan a special HELLO telegram?

about the masters. you would have gotten in if you had sent them that pic of me swinging the club and dad looking on...for sure you would have gotten right in with that one!

Leslie J. Moran

Since I was unable to get there, I'm assuming Joan ate the brownies??? :)


What? That wasnt you who knocked on my door with the coffee? Well you have a twin out there who is walking around pretending to be you. And she ate your brownie.

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I add 2T of Dutch cocoa to my coffee brew as I'm normally a tea drinker and don't care if my coffee is tarted up.

Best iced coffee was in Thailand - good strong coffee poured over ice in a plastic bag and given a healthy dose of condensed milk. A good twist of the bag, a straw shoved in, and a rubber band to hold it together. All delivered to the door by a traveling iced coffee man.

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