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Carol Gossett

I knew you could do it; congrats and well done!

Sharon W.

Everest? the common cold? man's inhumanity to man? decluttering the basement? finding that lost earring? You are obviously ready for it all!!!

Leslie J. Moran

Well done! My old fountain has been relegated to a planter. The pineapple is resting in the ivy and three clever coleus and potato vine are brightening up the shady corner. No water sounds. The racoons are verklempt!


Jolly good show. Congratulations on your new status! Will you be making house calls?


Huzzah! Sis Boom Bah! MOFF indeed.! Well done. I thought sure you'd have a glass of champagne, a cocktail or a tall cold beer to celebrate your mastery of the fountain. What recipe, if any, do you use for iced coffee. All I've made is too weak and wimpy.

Did Chris bow to Your Royal Majesty? Did he ever attempt to fix the dang fountain and couldn't do it?


Congratulations! I have been waiting to HAVE a fountain for about 10 years...since our house renovation...and you inspire me to just go buy one. Sometimes a woman needs to take action!


I wouldn't have believed it without photographic evidence.

The next challenge--don't break it.

Violet Cadburry

Yay for you! There is such satisfaction in doing something new and succeeding. Bet you will enjoy the fountain even more now that you saved its life.


I have no doubt that you've shown this fountain whose boss! Should it act up again, you'll know exactly what to do to keep the thing tamed and bowing to your fixability (is that a word?) of the fountains...Back off Bubbles, you've not a long way to go to beat me says the MOFF.

Judy H.

Good job! :D

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