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It's good to have a division of duties in the household. Shooting the moon and coloring in the towers trumps car washing, though.


We couldn't see the Super Duper Moon because of cloud cover...something that happens so rarely here I couldn't believe I was missing the "Moon Show" because of clouds! ACK But there is supposed to be another on Sept. 9th...so maybe I'll get a gander then.


That Chris... he's a keeper for sure!!!! I like the division of things in your household... it's the way it should be!

Janet Ghio

It sounds like the perfect arrangement to me!!


What pen/ink/nib combination are you using? I think you said it's a Safari? Love your flowers!


Sometimes it's good to have a reminder of what our 'lads' actually do. ;)


And that's all the reason I needed to get married - someone else to do some of the endless stuff that needs doing.
Love your zinnias. Guess I'll have to plant some of those next year.


There's so much in here that reminds of me and my better half. We are DEEP in the throes of raising three little boys under four ... And our division of labor works for us. We each think we got the better deal. #bliss

jeanette, mistress of longears

May I send my husband over to apprentice with Chris?


hahaha- Jeanette's comment was the best! a new side business for Chris: teaching the husbandry of artists - let me know when school opens, I know of one husband that is very in need of proper training!

Judy H.

Perfect! :D

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