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Question about the soup you're planning for the first Tues. of 2015...are you making the soup ahead and canning it or what? I don't think tomatoes can be frozen, but I'm not positive about this.

Tomato Pie? I can't wrap my head around this...are they sliced then baked in the crust with onions, garlic, herbs, spices? You'll have to fill in the clueless who read your blog.

I do agree it's best to wish for tomatoes rather than have too many, although you could give them away and make neighbors and friends very happy.

One of my favorite salads is simply cut up tomatoes, avocado chopped, scallions, S & P to taste, olive oil & red wine vinegar. Crusty bread to dunk in the O&V is divine.


I love Rose de Berne which is sometimes also called Rose de Baron.

Sharon W.

That tomato pie looks like waaaaay too much work for a possibly soggy result. You can make "fauxboys" (tee hee!) which are similar but so easy. Lightly toast a nice thick piece of whole grain or French bread(or even an English muffin). Spread it with mayo to which you have added nothing or your favorite herb. Then add scallion, tomato slices, salt and pepper, and grated cheese (cheddar, jack, mix). Try to spread the cheese out to the very edges, as you want to avoid burning the edges when you broil till the cheese melts. A lovely light supper which accepts pretty much any tinkering you want to try.


I have had too many tomatoes (bought by the box not grown)and yes, you CAN freeze tomatoes - whole. Depending on freezer space this week after my Alaska halibut arrives, I may do that again with half a canning box. I do rinse them, cut out the bad spots, the stem, and then freeze on a cookie sheet and into gallon bags. When you thaw, the skins slip right off! Depending on your time and freezer space, you can cut them up into chunks and just bag them. http://www.thekitchn.com/the-easiest-way-to-preserve-to-154890


Oh...I love tomato pie...and so darn easy.

I have yet to have my tomatoes ripen this year.


Tomato pie is lovely, Give it a try.

jeanette, mistress of longears

If you do have too many, you can throw them into plastic bags and toss them into the freezer....when you thaw them, the skins slide right off!)

Chris Oliveira

Your tomatoes are beautiful! Mine are abundant and yummy this year, but they aren't very red. I miss the red! Your recipes are always enticing.


Will you share your tomato jam recipe? I'd love to make some!


YES on the tomato pie....it's delish! Our tomatoes were a bust this year...damn deer. Would love the relish recipe...


Found the jam recipe...sorry:)

Chris Oliveira

Carol, do you freeze the tomatoes? Do you peel them? Would they be good for sauce as well as soup? Hope you don't mind all the questions. We are a household of two with 5 large and three cherry tomato plants. Holy tomatoes Batman. We have lots of fruit and need to use it. I would also love the vinaigrette recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing that too. Thanks!

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