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Your bougainvillea and trailing morning glories are stunning Carol. The succulents are pretty nice, too!


What a gorgeous bougainvillea...I do miss those up here in NE Ohio...they were a favorite when we lived in S CA.


Bouganvilla is so gorgeous, love the racous magenta that is so intense it almost hurts your eyes. In San Diego they used to cascade down the cliffs above Mission Valley. Eye popping! They grew in practically every yard.

What will you do with the succulents in winter? Surely they can't survive your winters. Mine froze in winter here in the high desert where it doesn't snow in winter except maybe every ten years or so.


Your bougainvillea is gorgeous, I love your blue and turquoise pots too. Nice to have such a helpful assistant..Hi Chris.

I'm curious about the succulents too and how you winter them.


Shouldn't that man be in the kitchen? or did he have a pass to stand by the bougainvillea?

I have a resident male who can measure room size easily for me with his 12" foot. Amazingly enuf, we have to do this once in a while in case the room has changed size. I doubt that it is my memory. Is it?

Amy at love made my home

Your succulents are doing well aren't they! xx

Linda Watson

The succulents are doing great. My marigolds, nasturtiums and, believe it or not, a rosemary bush have given into the heat and the drought. Bougainvillaea continues to flourish. I swear it grows two feet over night. My husband, who tries to keep it from taking over the front yard, just swears.

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