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Janet Ghio

interesting and intriguing advice from the lettuce lady!!

Sharon W.

Nice peaches! I just tried a new recipe for spiced peach/carrot bread (www.myrecipes.com)and of course added a splash of peach brandy. I don't know what I was thinking: I made small loaves and gave them all away, so cannot personally report. But the raw dough was great (yeh, I know about raw dough and eggs) and people tell me it's a keeper. Cream cheese with a little 10x sugar and orange juice or grated rind makes a nice spread.


What a bounty of goodies at your Farmers Mkt! I love heirloom tomatoes. They look deformed but have the most interesting flavors. There was an in depth article about heirlooms in a Sunset mag. years ago that must have prompted a resurgence in popularity. I see them at Whole Foods, but SO expensive. Maybe you could convince your resident tomato grower Chris to put in a plant or two?

I have to write everything in my note app on iPhone...I suffer from CRS. I don't think you need an explanation of the acronym.

Sharon: You didn't even keep one loaf? I think you'd better whip up another batch of this yummy keeper. Thanks for the recipe.


This is our go to recipe for salsa also! Thanks for sharing.

Pat P

If you are trying to hold off on the pumpkin, you might want to avoid Starbucks. They are bringing back their pumpkin latte early this year (as in, maybe the end of this month!) Just trying to be helpful...

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