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Undoubtedly, his mission was secret so I'd say you did not have the Need To Know. That's how we talk in Maryland. ;)

btw, I never thought of cutting hosta flowers. Good choice.


I remember my girls on big wheels, pedaling furiously then throwing on the brakes to spin around. One of them wore a very full- skirted dress I had just made for this maneuver and Rubbed, not tore, a large hole in the skirt. Fortunately that tier of the skirt was so full that I could just fold it in to a a new seam which disappeared in the fullness. Gotta love big wheels.


My son, aged 3, would sneak out of the house in the wee hours, strip off his clothes as he ran up the street! I would call his name, no answer. I'd follow the trail of clothes and find him in the neighbors flower bed. What possessed this child to do this I have no clue.

I love the bouquet and the french toast is a huge fave of mine. What is it about salty bacon and sweet, warm syrup that is so appealing to the taste buds?

Rhonda H

I love that floral combination... very farmhouse inspired!

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