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The first summer I was married, we moved into a teeny tiny house in North Lawrence and inherited a very healthy apple tree. Once those apples started appearing, we experimented with nearly ever pie and cobbler recipe we could find-as well as giving LOTS of apples away. Your cobbler looks delicious. I can never see cobbler without associating it with a beautiful fall in NE Kansas.


It seems I am always trying to "improve" on your recipes, eh? Well, today's tip: When using peaches in cobblers, breads, etc...after peeling/chopping, add a splash (a mouthful???tee hee) of peach schnapps or brandy, and let them marinate for a few moments. I prefer brandy, as it has a little more depth, but either works. No alcoholic taste, just another lovely mysterious layer of flavor. A very small amount (tablespoon?) is plenty, as it should be absorbed by the fruit but not the dough. MMMMMM.


Last night was peach cobbler chez nous but the men who came for dinner 'et' it before I got an image.


I think that peach cobbler is the perfect summer breakfast. No ice cream at that hour, though.


Peaches! One of my most favorite fruits tied with watermelon. My gran made peach or boysenberry cobblers that were to die for. I've never tried the boiling water/ice water method of peeling...I'll have to give that a shot. I love to make peach cobbler, it's one of the few things I'll bake. I like the idea of those chunks of dough on top. I usually make a lattice crust on top, egg wash, sugar sprinkled on top. Oh Yum! I'll have to hunt for good peaches now.

jeanette, mistress of longears

FYI, I read all my favorite blogs through Feedly, a "blog fetcher" that gets every new episode and puts each one into the categories I have chosen. My categories are: Food, Needlework, Clay, Garden, Silhouette.
Since your blog covers 3 of the above categories, I have put your blog into a class of its own: "Fun Blogs". I just thought you should know.


I'm going to the Palisade Peach Festival here in Colorado tomorrow. My mouth is watering just thinking about it and will need to try this cobbler recipe when I get home. Along with the peach salsa, peach jam, peach butter and peach pie filling to hold me through the winter. I love making a peach pie in February. Peach salsa for the Super Bowl.

Judy H.

Just had my first 2014 peach yesterday and it was fabulous. Will have another at lunch today, and will try this recipe soon. :)

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