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Sherry Green Peck

I tell you! You two Moss girls are going to town with these sketches!!!I so want a pen and have looked many times...the ink you used doesn't seem to run much. I was wondering which ink is best if I get a LAMY SAFARI or a different pen....gosh how to choose!? LOVE your house drawing!

Amy at love made my home

Your house is beautiful, but not at all how I pictured it in my mind!!! I hope that you and your pen have lots of fun together! xx


Funny.... I was reading your post and thinking the same thing in my mind that Sherry above posted... you 2 Moss gals are keeping me inspired!!! Thanks to you guys, I've met some new people and we've been out sketching together and plan to do it again. Thanks!!!


Oh boy...wish I'd known you wanted a Noodler's Ahab...just gave mine away, inked up once, too big for my small hands so I gave to my pen pal whom I've never met.

Love the sketch of the house. I'm sure it's satisfying to be able to sketch a reasonable facsimile. You should be pleased with your progress which is notable.

Sherry: Noodler's makes "bullet proof" ink which is waterproof, many inks are not but also give effects that are quite charming when a watercolor wash is added. Goulet pens has scads of inks from many makers...also great tutorials on all their various products. A super website that you'll want to bookmark. Sign up for their newsletter, full of valuable info, new products, etc.


dems is some pretty watercolor splashes and marks!

Maria from Elk Grove, CA

Most delicious house. Maria


Carol, your house looks welcoming and comfortable. I am heading home in an hour and will try my hand at painting it. You and Mary Ann inspire me to do it! If my rendition looks welcoming and comfortable, I will share it.

Violet Cadburry

Wow! What a beautiful painting. Your house has plenty of curb appeal too. That's a framer.

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