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The last blind contour is rather Picaso-like....like those where the nose is where the ear should be, all features on one side of the head. Cubism is what he called it, set the art world on it's ear!

Janet Ghio

I love blind contour drawings -but I really like the modified blind contours that mary Ann shows in her class. They still have that blind contour looseness and feeling, but with just a little more accuracy. Fun to do.


Love this and have to try it, at once!

I have followed your blog for a little while (not sure how I found it, you know how it is) and love it. I made the tomato jam you featured a while ago and it´s a great hit with the family. Thanks!

Linda Watson

What a hoot! Actually, I think that last one is pretty good, quite expressive. Blind contour drawings are the best.

Leslie J. Moran

This made me laugh out loud! I think I'm discovering that I should stick to something other than sketching. Romantically, I love it, but practically, I'm with you....glasses on the ears...all the better to hear you with my dear! :)

Barbara Tarbox

Oh, oh, Carol...make your sketches a true Cubist endeavor. Make copies of your Lisa
Sketches, cut them up and re-arrange them. I think you will find that moving pieces
Around as in a puzzle will make a very interesting picture.
One would loved to have been a fly on the wall in Picasso's (et al) studio no witnessed
Just how this art form began.
Think you have the makings of a real masterpiece. So enjoy your posts, everyday
Something new and thought provoking.

Lisa Hoffman

I'm more than happy with your fabulous drawings! I'll be using one on my Colorado Drivers License... They're WAY better than the photograph. As soon as I shake off the road dust, I'll return the favor. My time with you was the best part of my trip. Draw onward my Talented Friend. P.S. YOUR bone structure is better.

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