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Amy at love made my home

I so enjoy your sketching and drawing Carol, you have such a great free and relaxed style that I love. xx


I love seeing your sketches.... thank you so much for sharing.... I think the sketching bug is catching on and this is one "bug" I don't mind having!

Janet Ghio

I really like these small sketchbooks--very doable!


Inspiring! I intend to follow your lead today and sketch and paint outside...and try to be loose (not my strong suit).

Diamond Cloud Studio

Yes sometimes thinking is so over rated! Love that.and your books are looking so yummy, I so much want to start drawing too!


I am having a similar but opposite bag of chips - I am learning how to use hot press after years of cold press. I love the larger Handbook and just bought the moleskine size one. I like the paper in the watercolor Handbook better than the moleskine.

So many chips to eat!


Great minds provisioning with metaphorical bags of potato chips together!
Yesterday a visit to my local art store resulted in an unprecedented acquisition of three new Stillman & Birn sketchbooks, didn't seem to be able to choose which size to get...so.....


sorry for this double post...I put this in the comments in yesterdays blog posting about the bathing suit and eating your friends lunch...so kind of you!

So here it is: Just a FYI, Carol: Fabriano Artistico makes a paper called "soft", it's a cross between hot press & cold. Better for fountain pen ink drawing as it's smoother than cold press, but also allows watercolor paint to retain that sparkle that we all love about watercolor.

Noodler's bulletproof ink is good to draw with. Lexington Gray fades right into the watercolor...

So glad you're enjoying your new sketchbooks, play is so important.


Love your nasturtium leaf sketches so much - they're so fresh and spontaneous-looking. The blue shadows - perfect!

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