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Carol Gossett

What a beautiful flower arrangement you created; the addition of the 'pretty flowers' was brilliant!

Janet Ghio

I think the flower may be a celosia.


I agree that it is celosia. It really does well with the zinnias.

Here it is still hot. In fact, I fainted while cutting the grass last week. It was because of the heat, my lack of fluid and maybe because I had just given blood a few hours earlier? Just call me stupid.

Looking forward to a little coolness one of these days.


My gran had all those flowers in her garden. So old fashioned but lovely. I love celosia, I've seen in a goldish color too.

Your heirloom tomatoes look delish....will you be planting some next season? I read recently that there is a seed bank that keeps all these old varieties of vegetables and fruits. For the life of me I can't think where it's located. I don't know how these old fashioned veggies and fruits fall out of favor. They remain delicious and sweet...why drop something that tastes so good? Mystery.


Is it Seed Savers? Love, love, love all the colors in this post. Makes me feel ready for fall even if it's still 97 degrees where I live!

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