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Robin Manly

Carol, what kind of backing do you use? Is it burlap? I've been trolling around the rug hooking sites and it's hard to discern what supplies a beginner might need.

(By the way, the colors you chose are awesome!)

Carol Gossett

Candy corn and cocktail peanuts-fall has arrived! :-)


At my knitting group on Wednesday night we were discussing the real life soap opera that is The Roosevelts. So fascinating, so dramatic, so much like everyday people...but not. I am utterly convinced that everyone has a compelling life story to be told (especially if done so by Ken Burns)! Bio-pics and documentaries are my favorite...and everything by Mr. Burns. The series on Prohibition was riveting.

Janet Ghio

oh candy corn and peanuts--sounds yummy!! The Roosevelts is interesting--especially all the info about Elenor which I didn't know.


First off, what tool are you using to cut those narrow strips of wool? Rotary cutter? I've never attempted rug hooking, one of the few needle arts that slipped by me. I adore pumpkins, candy corn (I've already eaten two bags) and fall flower arrangements. I'm surprised you didn't make all three of those cuties.

I have the Roosevelts recorded so will have a binge watch this weekend between the football games. I've seen every Ken Burns production. The Civil War with Shelby Foote cameos, hearing that southern accent, OH MY! The Prohibition was awesome too. The man is amazing. He has the gift of making history come alive.


Joan, yes I am using a rotary cutter to cut the wool.
Robin, I am using linen for the backing but it does look like burlap - good eye! I am going to put links in the post to where I got my supplies - right now! Carol

Robin Manly

Thanks, Carol!

Small world - I'm actually taking Mary Stanley's class in LA next Saturday! I'm trying to "study ahead" so I won't flail around too much when I get there. I can't wait!


4star shopping!!! yum!

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