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Hmmm. Haven't read any of those. The Prodigal Women sounds intriguing as this was the time I grew up...you know, back before TV, Fast Food, TV dinners, Dryers, Plastic, Cardboard cartons for milk. There was a War going on, Roosevelt was president. You know, back in the Dark Ages.

What makes up the next three?

Chris Oliveira

I love your book recommendations! Some I would never have picked myself, but have thoroughly enjoyed. Intrigued by this magazine - how can it be that I have never heard of it before??


Just added The Art of Hearing Heartbeats to my list. Thanks for the recommendations!!


Uppercase is definite eye candy! Canadian magazine but I believe they have list of US retailers online. The Art of Hearing Heartbeats does sound good. And perhaps it's time I tried audio books as the eyes just don't work like they used to. then again I'm told my ears don't always listen. ha! As always, thanks for sharing Carol.


I listened to The Art of Hearing Heartbeats a couple of months ago, I really loved it. I'm part way through the sequal now.

Judy H.

Was not aware of Uppercase, so will have to indulge in a copy. :)

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