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Glad you opted for the swift and winder...that's a lovely one (swift) your SIL has.

I'll look forward to getting a peek at all the lovely things you described above...hope it won't be two years tho'.

Leslie J. Moran

Surely there will be a signature cocktail come out of all this labour intensive winding. Wasn't there one called a sidewinder? :) Just saying.


If there isn't a cocktail maybe you can invent one? Something fall/knit worthy?


Don't you just love winding yarn? It feels so efficient and beginning-ish - like I'm gonna go knit those balls up lickity split! Looking forward to seeing the wrist warmers - my office is cold too.


Even though I don't drink I think this kind of project calls for a "QuickWind", which will need some kind of hard cider...maybe warmed? and you too can be wound and ready to go!

I do hope I can learn to knit soon so I can work with those delicious yarns. I can almost feel them across the ether...

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